Sunday, 18 November 2012

Schooling Time

It looks like myself and P are going to be riding at least 2 times a week this winter, perhaps even 3 times regularly!  It's always safer to ride with someone else there, and always nice to have a friend to give some tips.  Today we did a bit more lateral work, and started on some shoulder-in.  Once we were both warmed up well, we took to the fences.  Again, nothing too strenuous, but just had some fun.  When you're under a time crunch with the arena being booked back-to-back, you have to be quick with the setup and take down!    The SO came with me today and took some video for me :)


Warm-up fence, nice and easy:

Koda showing his athleticism (or inbalance?!) of 
doing some counter-canter... unasked for..

We put together a mini course

I really need to watch my canter cue.  After looking at these videos it seems like it's not a left-lead issue, but more of me not being able to ride to the left as effectively.  I need to make sure he is bent to the correct side for the correct lead or else it seems like he will take the incorrect one.  Wish the chiropractor had made it up this weekend (cancelled due to snow), and I think there may be something out on this boy.  Nothing major, just an... inkling.  After our next ride I'm going to do some basic massage and stretches.  

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