Sunday, 19 October 2014

Late Thanksgiving Post

Last Thanksgiving (Canadian here!), I went on a baking and sweet making spree, making some desserts for our family away from family Thanksgiving meal, and made some tasty treats for Koda as well.  Now, I'm not a big baker or sweet maker, so it was fun to work with some new ingredients!

The reason why I wanted to try making my own horse treats is while we were at the Fall Finale, I gave Koda some stub muffin type treats.  You know, the ones that are essentially oats and goodness all slathered in sticky molasses that makes them soft and chewy.  Ever since tasting these supposed amazing things, he turns his nose up at every. other. cookie.
My horse is now a "foodie" of the cookie world.

By the way, molasses?  Smells disgusting.  Looks disgusting.  Mixing it with anything?  Oh goodness...
Carrot Crunch
Molasses Squares
After making the human treats, I pulled out google and found some easy to make horse treat recipes that didn't have a lot of filler.  I wasn't too sure of feeding flour to my horse, but then again I'm sure it's found in some horse cookies so it can't be that horrible.

I tried two different recipes, one called a carrot crunch and another more gooey.  It didn't have a name, so let's call 'em molasses squares.  Overall, the molasses squares were easier to make since it had the least amount of ingredients, making it easier to mix the molasses (damn molasses) evenly through the mixture.  I think the problem with the carrot crunch, it should have been baked longer and mixed better so that it was a bit more even and... crunchy!  Instead of lumpy.  The molasses squares came out a LOT better, much better mix and easier to handle.  Add the crushed candy cane on top?  Delish!
Looks tasty

Gone in the blink of an eye!

Koda approves :)


  1. YUM! The molasses squares look delicious, I must find the recipe for them!

  2. So fun!! I'm sure your foodie loves all the extra treats :)