Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Story in Photos (and Captions)

Getting ready
Heading out
Easy down the road...
Caught in the act
Not the garage, mom!
...Good boy!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lazy Afternoons

Because of some severe muscle pain (tabata workout+1 hour of cardio afterwards when I haven't been training much at all...), I haven't been out to ride the big man this week.  I had the arena booked for this afternoon, but considering stairs were still a challenge, I figured it wouldn't be safe to take him out by myself.  Instead, the SO and I went garage sale scavenging, then went for a barn visit. 

It was a GORGEOUS afternoon, and the SO just jumped onto the round bale buddy that we're using to keep loose hay in near Kota's pen.  I wasn't planning on doing anything much, just coming out and giving some quick scratches and treats, but since it was so gorgeous, I pulled out the grooming kit.  SO acted as my crossties (while lounging on the bale buddy) and Kota got to eat up all the loose hay that didn't make it into the bale buddy.

There are my handsome boys!

Kota - Hmm... this is green... is it edible?

Such a lovely afternoon!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Beginnings and First Ride at Home!

This past weekend, Kota and I went for our first ride at home.  Pulling him out of the pasture, grooming and tacking were all not a big deal in the least.  HUGE difference from miss twinkle toes who would dance and prance around if she was left unattended (aka, my back turned) for a second. 

Tossed all my tack on with not really a care about how gently or quietly things were done to make sure he was alright, and I was SO glad that he just didn't react!  It's old hat to him, and that's awesome.  I did a little bit of sacking out with my saddle pads, and he did. not. blink.  Flapping saddle pad around my neck?  Pffft, whatever mom, where's the food?  Gel pad hanging off my poll?  Yeah yeah, now where is the food?  Stuff dangling about my legs?  Mom, I'm busy eating here, can't you see that? 
It made me SO glad and just reinforced the idea that this horse is the one I was looking for. 

Once tacked up I took him over to the mounting block and up we go.  No walking off, no issues, but I did take a deep relaxing breath before I put my foot in the stirrup just to keep my butterflies at bay.  We started our ride, and he was lovely.  He has the quarter horse bum, really pushes off his hind end with long strides.  He was a bit dance-and-jig, but it felt a lot more secure, and a bit like it was in slow motion. 

We hacked out by ourselves plus the two barn dogs until the end of our dirt road where the snow hasn't melted yet.  Here is our first encounter with a herd of deer.  Of course, the dogs bolt straight towards them and Kota was immediately on the ALERT!  Head snapped up, ears so perked that they almost touched, and stiff through the back... uh oh.  I sat down and kept going forwards (darn dogs, get BACK here)  alternatingly calling the dogs and soothing Kota.  The dogs eventually came back, and as we headed back home Kota was getting more and more anxious/jigging.  Not surprising, really, with all things considered.  What I found helped him regroup and relax was halting, counting to 3, then walking forwards with purpose again.  After a few of these, his head and neck were relaxed, and we were walking home nicely.... except for the spook... at the melting snow in the ditch... clearly there were snakes in there just WAITING to get us.  Silly pony. 

Once we got back to the barn, we took the 'cross country' way back to the yard which is through an un-ploughed part of the circular drive, past the house with truck in the driveway, then into the yard.  Not a blink with this horse, I just directed him to where we were going, and on he went!  Awesome :)

Sorry for no photos, I will try and get some from tomorrow night!  Was going to ride tonight, but was a little too exuberant at a workout and am now doing an excellent impersonation of the Tin Man.  Am so glad that the hold of winter is slowly but surely leaving, and we're getting up into the double digits during the day (celsius). 

May try to book the arena this weekend for some work with some cross rails... ! 

Saturday, 14 April 2012


As some of you may have guessed, there is a new adorable pony in the yard. 

Please welcome the newest addition - Dakota's Lil Shocker (registered name, going to change it):

 Checking out his new digs


He is an 16.1hh 8 year old gelding, ArabxQH.  Was started as a general pleasure riding horse, has done some endurance, did not much over winter (fatty!) and just recently was used as an advanced beginner lesson horse.  He has some manners and tuning up needed, but all in all he's pretty cool.  Tried him out in the indoor and out on the trails, plus free jumped him and all looked VERY good.  Just one of those easy going pleasant guys with a canter to die for.

Getting ready for deworming, some work with the shedding blade, and vaccinations!

Mom, what is that in your hand...?!?!

After a 'long' day of trying tack on, grooming, and health checks.

His barn name is still under advisement, he came with "Shocker" but I'm not really liking it.  The BO likes Koda, and that has grown on me so he may be a Koda.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Friday, 13 April 2012


Here's a hint of things to come!

I love cute kissable noses!

Part 4: The Test Ride

After going through the first three parts, now is the fun one - test ride!

This time around, I only went to a very select few that I thought would click for me.  Some when I went and met them I didn't even ride because of certain aspects I found while on the ground that weren't part of what I was looking for, some I tried a couple of times.  After the experience with Celtic, I was determined to see how the horse was like in all different sorts of situations as much as possible before I made a decision. 

As some of you may have guessed, there may be a new nose in the barn ;)

Stay tuned for an update... !