Friday, 18 January 2013


I know I'm Canadian, but I am starting to really dislike winter.  Yes, I like snow (especially when my car gets stuck in it...), and that pattern frost makes (on the inside and outside of my windshield...), but when during the week it gets up to -10 or so, then when I have time it's going down to -20 with a wind chill that would freeze your buns right off.  Plus with all the snow, it's making the roads very difficult to drive on, particularly the road to the barn.

There is a hierarchy when it comes to snow removal up here.  First there is the school bus routes (makes sense), the main routes, then the secondary routes, etc., then finally the range roads.  With the amount of snow we've been getting, the range roads won't be cleared for about 3-4 days.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to get to the barn since I just need to have some Koda time, but why must it be so bleepin' cold?!?!

... and I just checked the weather network, and Saturday night it's supposed to feel like -49!!!!!

Decision made - going to the barn to make sure my boy is wrapped up snug as a bug in his multiple rugs.
One small plus about the insane cold temperatures: too cold to snow :)

Plus, stay tuned: photos of Koda being a model with his new five star bridle!

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Many Faces of Koda

Koda can be a really expressive guy, especially after being away for the holidays.  When I got to the barn, he saw the truck pull up and when I called he came right on over.  This is the first horse I have owned that comes when I call and actually stays with me after the rest of the horses come by to check for cookies.

Mom is back! 

Since it was getting chilly that night, he was going to get some loving then his blanket tossed on.  It's funny when you try to love on this guy, he likes the scritches and scratches, but will get slightly annoyed/irritated by any prolonged shows of affection.

Much better, in the cozy blanket.  

After the scritches, loving, and blanketing, I'll always toss him a couple cookies.  It's become a bit of a routine with us, particularly if I'm coming out and we're not going riding.  I know some people really are against the whole treats and cookies thing, but I love treating him when I can, particularly if it's an apple or carrots that me or the SO won't use but are still fine for the ponies to have. 

"Did I hear cookies?"
Nom nom nom nom, cookies!

Koda is very expressive when he doesn't get what he wants.  When he realizes I don't have any more cookies, he gets a bit sour and makes upset faces with ears slightly back while he tries to sniff out more cookies.  When I headed out, it was really quite adorable since he stayed at the gate and watched me drive out of the yard.  Perhaps it was because we didn't go for a ride, perhaps it's because he likes being with me and not the herd (he's still on the bottom and getting picked on), I don't know but it was very endearing.  

Where are you going, mom?

I love this boy!  

Sadly, I've been off all week again on course (work) so I won't be seeing my boy until this coming Sunday. I'm hoping that it will start warming up again so that I can start bringing Koda back into work.  He's been off for at least six weeks now, and will most likely be off until February for now, then the slow and steady work begins.  Am hoping to have us both ready for a competition in early June, but we'll see how the coming back to work goes.  

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Winter Wonderland

While I was at home, the most popular topic that arose when I was around was what is it like living where I do?  I realized I hadn't shown any photos of my new town and figured, why not?  Today was a nice day to go about and take some photos as it wasn't too chilly, not too windy, and the sun was out.  I grabbed Shiloh and off we went around town!  Warning - there's going to be a lot of photos in this post!

The view from my front door

The community center with community hall, hockey arena,
curling sheets, and small gym.

View down main street.  Post office, grocery store, and drug store 
all found at the bottom of the hill

The Peace River (fogging since it isn't completely frozen).

Hardware store, Motel, and Northern Store (now closed).

And of course, one of my favourite walking companions!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Years!

We left off at arriving back home.  As the holidays go, this one was fairly good with the ups and downs that comes with getting together with family that has a TON of teachers in it (every. single. one. wants to be the head of the situation... ).  It was really nice seeing everyone since it is the only time I see most of my family.  The SO flew out to see his own family on Christmas Eve while he recovered from his food poisoning (such a tough guy).  After all the family gatherings came every tack hoarder's favourite day - boxing day sales!

Koda has been in desperate need of a new cooler since the mice got to his, and since I was back home we got to the Greenhawk Warehouse store for some major shopping.  The warehouse had a great clearance section and there was a pretty good sale going on so there were plenty of purchases to be made.  We ended up taking home:

A fleece cooler:

A Joules rugby shirt:
and (as always)
A book:

The cooler is the thickest fleece I have ever felt, and talking to several of the people there (sales and customers) they all said it was a great cooler.  I got the blue striped one.  For the shirt, I am a huge Joules fan, and I live in collared shirts, be it long sleeve rugby shirts or polos.  My favourite colour is red, so this one was simply a winner (did not pay the price shown for any of these!).  As for the book, I have been looking for a copy of this for a while that wasn't too excessive and finally found one.  Winter reading - I think so.

To go back to the previous post, here are some Christmas photos of Koda enjoying his Christmas dinner

Dinner time!!!

Nom nom nom nom

Even with a tail flap covering his tail, his herdmates STILL take chunks out of it!
(Not rubs from the blanket)

Typical boys, always rough housing...

The barn