Thursday, 25 July 2013

There and Back Again

And we're back from across the pond!

Had an incredible trip, including some life changing events :)

On the non-horse life front: The SO has turned into the fiance!  May the planning and booking commence.  He picked an absolutely beautiful spot to ask, and he surprised me, the bugger :)

France was absolutely incredible, we spent a week in the country side and a week in Paris.  In Paris we did all of tourist-y things like visiting the Louvre, seeing Notre Dame, having a picnic beside the Eiffel Tower, and visiting the art district of Montmartre.  It was hectic and incredible and I would do it again in an instant.  While we were in the countryside, we visited different towns on their market days to get fresh produce and trinket souvenirs.  All of us would have lunch, then head back to the cottage to relax.  Some evenings the SO and I would go geocaching (how he found the place he wanted to propose).  The SO let the person who owns the geocache what happened, and they asked if they could publish it on the website.

Kind of adorable and endearing, even though it's being broadcast to any person who looks up this geocache... ah well!  It's cool with me.

On the horse life front:  I found out that a spot opened up at a great eventing clinic over the August long weekend for Koda and I!  SO pumped!

Because of the clinic, this week Koda and I are in a mini bootcamp... well, I've been trying to do a mini bootcamp but ever since we got back home a nasty cold has been keeping me down.  I've gotten two rides in and a lunging session so far, but at this point I am SO glad that Koda lives out 24/7 and doesn't lose too much of his conditioning when left to his own devices.  He's still a porker, but at least not obese.  Now, just to get the trailer back from the shop... that is still working on fixing it... since May...

Will have more to report, but for now that's all from up north!


  1. Congratulations! When is the big day?

  2. Congrats! So exciting for you!

  3. Very exciting on all fronts! Congrats to you both (and Koda).

  4. Super jealous of the trip and congrats!

  5. Ah, congrats!! Very exciting on the fiance and Koda fronts!

  6. Thanks everybody! We haven't set a date in stone, but it's looking like July of 2014. We've contacted our venue and we have a Saturday held for us while we get the other big details in place.

  7. congrats! How exciting, and proposed to in France, that's just dreamy :)