Saturday, 10 August 2013

Helmet Cam! Cross Country Day 2

Sorry for the long delay, was having issues getting them to upload, and then life got in the way.  Finally have some time to post them.  We didn't do much "big" stuff for us since we were still getting back into the grove and really moving in a more wide open space.  We had some baulking, but by the end of the weekend, Koda was really learning what his job is which is awesome.  I need to give him a completely confident and FORWARD ride so that he doesn't get lost in his head questioning.  Essentially, I want him to lean on my confidence and just GO for it.  That being said, I need to be confident and sure as well :)

First mini course on cross-country, really got us going.
The walk after the logs was me trying to catch my breath!  Need to hit the gym...

After the morning session we went down to the river.  Koda wasn't too excited about the water

Warming up for the second session on Sunday

Doing more than just logs!

Last line of the day.  LOVED Linda coaching us through it, she was awesome!!

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