Sunday, 27 April 2014

Videos, Critiques, and Suggestions!

I'm posting these videos hoping for some positive critiques on what Koda and/or myself can work on.  We're just starting out our season and are not in shape at the moment, so please be kind with your comments!

Starting canter work (left lead)

Trot work to the right.

After watching this I've noticed that Koda is slightly off on the right hind :(
I looked at it the following day after seeing the video, and it seems like he's worked out of it for now at least!  Here's hoping it was just a tweaked muscle caused by coming back into work.

Transition work to the right.

Even though right now it is taking a while for Koda and I to get into work mode, once I have him there he does try his hardest to do what I'm asking.  I got some more video from A over this past week when it felt like he was really reaching under himself and pushing from behind.  In the footing that we have in the arena (EXTREMELY deep), it's a lot of work to get going in it.  I want to do work on the roads to build up our wind and stamina (trot sets anyone?) without a fight on my hands, and then save the arena or the yard for true schooling.  

In other news, does anyone have ideas on how to make boxy solid type jumps on a budget and are light enough to move solo?  I'm thinking something with jump poles as the frame with tarps stapled over them...

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