Saturday, 17 December 2011

A New Adventure

After a tragedy that happened with my gelding (pictured as my header), I have purchased a new horse.  A coming 6 year old Dutchwarmblood/Arabian cross mare.  She has done a few dressage clinics and competed in one dressage show which is a plus for me since I like my horses having a solid base in dressage before doing any work over fences.  I have taken her on trial and it has been interesting.  Because of where I live, I have only really been able to ride her once, but have been able to do plenty of ground work with her.  So far, she seems lovely, willing to work, and will try her heart out.  Whenever anything new is introduced, she'll take a little time to think about it, then move on.  It's a really interesting thing to see a horse think about her situation before reacting first.  Compared to my first guy, she is much more personable, always meeting you at the gate instead of the round bale. 

Here are some photos and video of my new girl, Celtic!

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