Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lazy Afternoons

Because of some severe muscle pain (tabata workout+1 hour of cardio afterwards when I haven't been training much at all...), I haven't been out to ride the big man this week.  I had the arena booked for this afternoon, but considering stairs were still a challenge, I figured it wouldn't be safe to take him out by myself.  Instead, the SO and I went garage sale scavenging, then went for a barn visit. 

It was a GORGEOUS afternoon, and the SO just jumped onto the round bale buddy that we're using to keep loose hay in near Kota's pen.  I wasn't planning on doing anything much, just coming out and giving some quick scratches and treats, but since it was so gorgeous, I pulled out the grooming kit.  SO acted as my crossties (while lounging on the bale buddy) and Kota got to eat up all the loose hay that didn't make it into the bale buddy.

There are my handsome boys!

Kota - Hmm... this is green... is it edible?

Such a lovely afternoon!

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