Saturday, 14 April 2012


As some of you may have guessed, there is a new adorable pony in the yard. 

Please welcome the newest addition - Dakota's Lil Shocker (registered name, going to change it):

 Checking out his new digs


He is an 16.1hh 8 year old gelding, ArabxQH.  Was started as a general pleasure riding horse, has done some endurance, did not much over winter (fatty!) and just recently was used as an advanced beginner lesson horse.  He has some manners and tuning up needed, but all in all he's pretty cool.  Tried him out in the indoor and out on the trails, plus free jumped him and all looked VERY good.  Just one of those easy going pleasant guys with a canter to die for.

Getting ready for deworming, some work with the shedding blade, and vaccinations!

Mom, what is that in your hand...?!?!

After a 'long' day of trying tack on, grooming, and health checks.

His barn name is still under advisement, he came with "Shocker" but I'm not really liking it.  The BO likes Koda, and that has grown on me so he may be a Koda.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?


  1. He has similar markings to a horse in a barn that I used to ride at a while ago. That horses name was Jolly. Which I didn't like at first but it really grew on me.

    Koda is cute too though. Congrats on the new horse!!! Looking forward to reading about your adventures together :)

  2. I like Koda better than Shocker for sure. He's super cute. Hope you have a blast with him!

  3. I think we're sticking with Kota (or Koda, whichever) because his sire's name is Dakotas Keyanti.

  4. You gotta stick with Shocker! That's the name he came with. It'll grow on you, even if it's not the best.