Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Two-Point Challenge and the SO Rides!!!

Went for a second ride on Sunday in the afternoon during the warmest day of the year yet.  It was a SCORCHER and I loved every minute of it!  While we were tacking up, the breeze picked up so the horses (and riders) remained cool along with keeping the mosquitoes off.  I did my second set of the two-point challenge and the calves were burning.

At the beginning, I was all smiles...

Once we did a quick horse swap (BO's first horse was a little too hot to trot for the type of ride we wanted) we were off exploring another field.  This ride was pretty special simply because it was the SO's first ride in 2012, and possibly his... fourth ride ever on a horse.  I'm very grateful that our BO has a baby-sitter horse and allows others to ride her (with her supervision, of course).

BO and I riding up front

Best vantage point there is

After checking out the big field, we went back over to the dugouts and played around in the fields, getting the memorial shots of the SO's first ride of 2012.  While we were playing around in there, we had to cross a very thin stream.  Koda was point, so we were supposedly going to go through first... well, Koda had a minor issue with that, so BO walked her horse over first.  The moment her horse was on the other side, Koda takes an almighty LEAP to get over this 12" stream... oh dear me, we're going to have to do some work with water, aren't we?

Happy trails!

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