Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Walking on Sunshine!

After the rain and hiatus from riding with my course time for work, I finally had a chance to swing back up in the saddle!  Went for a great ride this past Saturday with the BO through the fields, checking out new tracks that we can take, winding between the different crops and dugouts.  I'm finally getting to really see my new home through my horse's ears, and it's pretty incredible. 

During the ride I did put in my time for the baseline of the twopoint challenge (for more info, check out SprinklerBandit's blog!).  Made it to 8 minutes, then absolutely HAD to sit.  While I was riding, I had my cellphone tucked into the inner pocket in my breeches, and the SO kept texting me about our evening plans.  Of course, I'm not wanting to answer, but after a while Koda is just walking along, April is chugging along behind us with her mare, ponying her gelding Mik, and I'm just chilling in my two-point, so I pull my phone out to send a quick text saying, yes/no, am riding,etc.  It was kind of hilarious simply because there I was, balancing in two-point, texting the SO while my new horse who I haven't ridden very much is just plugging along at a nice open walk along the crop field edge.  SUCH a difference from when I was riding Celtic!  This ride really drove home to me - this is going to be a good one.

The point that really drove it home was when we were exploring around the dugouts.  April and I were chatting away, and a partridge (?) flew out from almost underneath Koda's hooves.  I started, April jolted, Koda and the other horses Did. Not. Bat. An. Eyelash! 

Very cool :)


  1. I added your start time to the challenge. Koda sounds super. :-)

  2. Thanks! Round three is coming tonight