Thursday, 19 July 2012

We Interrupt This Training Week...

...for 36 hours of rain, straight.  We have been dying for rain up here and am glad we got it, but thunder and lightening on Tuesday, extreme downpour all Wednesday making anywhere to ride covered in standing water (no arena at home and wasn't comfortable hauling down the dirt/mud/slime roads).  It's funny how doing barn chores makes the weather seem not such a big deal.  I'm watching the farm right now, and the worst part of chores was driving to and from.  It didn't bother me tossing hay while skirting deep puddles throughout the field and the pony's paddock. 

Today our entries went up online and ours is in!  Slightly startling to see it there, but we'll do our best.  Our aim right now - end with a number and not a letter :)

Because of the rain, tonight will be some road work since they'll be drained by then, hopefully.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!


  1. Love the new header--you guys are adorable together!

  2. Thanks! I guess you could say those are our "concentration" faces :)