Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Whole Bag of Stuff

It's been a while since I've posted and there are plenty of things going on!

1) Koda and I jumped our first "real" vertical that was higher than he could step over.
2) I need to find a good farrier quick as the one we've been using can't come up for another week and Koda's hooves are not looking good, they're long and he's stumbling and dragging all over the place.
3) Need to work on the left side, our nemesis.
4) According to Koda, my trailer is much too small for him (it's a tiny too small plus it gets much too dusty in there on our roads!) and that he needs something bigger (which I was thinking about getting anyway) so I am looking to hopefully trade in said trailer and get a new trailer all within budget before July 27th. 


I'm hoping that the farrier issue will be sorted out shortly, a friend of mine uses a local guy who is heard to be very good, patient with horses, and knows his stuff.  She was having him come out to do her horses, and I mentioned I could trailer over if that would make it easier.  Just waiting to hear back from her to see if all is a go.

Riding work is not a problem, although would love to get his hooves trimmed so that I don't have to continually guess if the sticky-ness on his left side is in part to him wearing down his hooves oddly or if he's really weak on that side. 

I guess the biggest thing would be the trailer issue.  Koda will pop right onto our BO's trailer, not a problem in the world.  With a buddy in there, without, when it's light, when it's dark, with food, without food, whatever, but when it comes to my trailer... nothing doing.  He's not dirty about it, he'll get the front feet in then it seems like he just shuts down.  My trailer is about 6" shorter than hers, and the stall is about 10" shorter.  Koda is a big guy, 16.1, so I'm thinking that along with it being a stock combo (the dust gets in and must make it extremely difficult to breathe) I need to get a trailer that is a horse trailer, large size (7' at the minimum, 7.6' preferred) that is an actual horse trailer, not the stock combo.  Not saying that this little trailer hasn't been great, it has!  But, Koda isn't a dirty guy.  He has been slowing being more and more difficult to load in this trailer to the point that last night he wouldn't get in, yet would pop right into the BO's. 

Oye, horses.

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