Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tack Sales and Trailer Organization

It has started to snow up here, and with the first snow and it being extremely windy, I've decided to stay put until I can ride when there's actual daylight without risk of being shot by a hunter (yay hunting season... not.  Not against hunting, just against getting shot accidentally!).  Koda doesn't have his full winter coat grown out yet, plus his coat is really thin to begin with, so he has a light sheet on for now.  Luckily it's still coming up to about +5 degrees celsius during the days, but the nights are getting chilly.  Pretty soon we'll be pulling out the big guns.  I'm debating about doing a bib/apron clip on Koda this year as last year trying to cool Celtic out after a ride at the indoor took about as long as the ride did itself without clipping.  I've never clipped before and am curious about any ramifications with it other than having to blanket.  Anyone who lives in a cold climate or clip during the winter have any suggestions?

Also, it's that favourite time of year for me in that it is tack sale time!  Sadly, this year I really don't have anything to look for!  It's tough being a tack sale lover and having nothing to look for!  Koda is completely outfitted with blankets, coolers, quarter sheets, bridles (don't ask how many I have, I may even sell a couple), saddle pads, boots, halters, lead ropes, lunge lines, etc. (wow, that's a lot of stuff!) and there is nothing missing.  I love this time of year as it's when some of the big sales up here in Canada happen.  One of my favourites is the Greenhawk warehouse sale.  I grew up very close to the warehouse and every year I would go and pick up some major steals.  Favourite brand of breeches for 50% off?  Yes please!  Three quarter length down filled coat designed for casual wear and riding for an insane price?  Check that one off the list.  Plus don't forget their clearance rack that will usually have a 15% off the last marked price as well, best spot to snag some nice Joules polos. 

This year it is looking like I won't have anything to ask my parents to pick up for me.  I'm actually almost thinking about culling the tack herd in my trailer a bit!  Things in there are so cluttered and unorganized it's driving me batty.  I can't find anything.  Since I'm fairly new to being a horse trailer with dressing room owner does anyone have any neat tips and tricks for storage, maintenance, organization, cleanliness?  I am a lover of all things that are shelves, bins, drawers, labels, anything that will keep things organized (at least when it comes to my horse.  The house on the other hand...).  

Before it starts to really get cold I would love to have my trailer completely organized with all things that may freeze in -40 degree weather (farenheit or celsius, it doesn't matter at that point) will be in a bin safe at home, my every day tack being used have an easy access to move from truck to home, and all other horse things be tucked neatly away.  Any ideas?  What are the opinions of leaving tack out in a trailer where it may get to be -40?  I'm thinking no, but some people have done it up here with no issues to be seen yet and am curious of other people's opinions. 


  1. Greenhawk warehouse... In NS?

  2. I've never done anything special when clipping during the winter. I just always have some sort of outfit on--when unclipped horses take their sheets off for a warm day I'll keep mine on, and when they move up to a med. weight I'll move up to a heavy weight. But a bib clip isn't really taking too much hair off so you shouldn't have any problems.

    And I can't believe it's snowing up there already!! It's only October!

  3. Julie - I'm originally from Ontario, the warehouse is in Mississauga :)

    Carly - I live close to the 60th parallel, this is actually "normal" for up here. This is my second fall/winter up here, so it will be interesting. I'm the only one in the area that would think of clipping and blanketing continuously for the entire winter, so there isn't really anything to compare to. You're right that a bib isn't that much hair coming off, so he'll most likely be ok.