Monday, 3 December 2012

Winter blues and Raffles

This last week and a bit has thrown my area in a complete cold snap of consistently being in the -30s and hitting -40 over several nights.  You know in old cartoons where some of the cars would have square tires?  That was how my car was driving - it was SO cold that my tires were flat on one side while driving down the street.  At that point, you only think about getting from house to car, car to workplace, and back again.  Luckily, Koda was wrapped up cozy in his heavyweight blanket (yay Bucas!) so he was fine, along with 3 round bales for the 6 horses in the paddock to nibble on.  This was the second week of no riding, which is extremely irritating, but what can you do about the weather?

In the meantime, Black Friday deals have been flying left, right, and center.  Since I live in Canada, we don't really have much of that going on, but some stores do offer them.  On thing that was going on from one of my favourite tack stores was a draw for a free bridle.  The way to enter the draw was put up a review of one of their products.  Since I have a few products from them, I put up reviews for each.

Surprisingly, I won the draw!

Now, I never win any raffles or draws, don't think I've ever won any type of prize when it comes to luck.  I was so excited that I may have had a little cheer of joy :)

The company who put on the draw was I got to choose one out of three bridles, and the one I chose was the Wembley Hunter Bridle (yes, I'm not a hunter, but Koda goes in a plain cavesson, and the other bridles were a figure eight or with a flash).

I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

I now may have a bridle or two for sale, will have to go through all of my tack while the weather is still too cold to do anything but curl up under the blankets and watch christmas movies.


  1. :)
    I love their bridles! I have 3 already, but may be selling one of them since it has a flash on it and I don't need the flash.
    Don't be jealous, I live where it's normal to get weeks on end of -40 degrees... at that temp, it really doesn't matter if it's in farenheit or celsius!


    I'm now 80% less bitter about not winning. Congrats!!

    PS I would die if it was that cold. Die.