Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Holidays

Sorry for being away for so long folks!

Christmas for me means travelling back home across the country (takes about 2 days to get home, plus a delayed plane doesn't help the travelling...).  With all the hooplah that comes with getting ready for the holidays, making sure all the animals (2xcats, dog, and horse) set up for while we're gone, along with making sure everything at home is ready to go (who likes coming home to a dirty house?), things got a bit... hectic.

Also, it was kind of interesting to notice that the last week we were home when we needed time to clean, get the house ready and all that jazz, we had so many different engagements to go to: christmas parties, school hockey game fundraisers, singing lessons (teaching), yoga (taking), and much more.  I was happy to get out to see Koda on a warmer day during the week to give him his Christmas dinner and some grooming.  When I pulled him out of the field, I noticed that his blanket was COVERED in the leftover marks from bites, but NO TEARS!  Not even a loose thread!  I was SO happy to see that my winter blankets are holding up this year.  If you have a herd that is hard on blankets, the top brands are the way to go.  I went through 3 blankets last winter alone before I took the plunge.  Looking at those blankets now and how they can take a beating, I'm not going back.

As some of you may have guessed, I live in a rather secluded area of the country.  To get to an international airport, you have to drive about 8 hours straight.  We usually do this trip in two days so that the second day isn't a huge massive rush to the airport, plus leaves time for some browsing (read tack shop visiting) before we fly out.  Our flight back home was 2.5 hours delayed this time around, making our arrival at some time around 2:30 in the morning the next day.  Thank goodness for incredible parents who always come and pick us up no matter what! 

Stay tuned for more :)

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