Friday, 11 January 2013

The Many Faces of Koda

Koda can be a really expressive guy, especially after being away for the holidays.  When I got to the barn, he saw the truck pull up and when I called he came right on over.  This is the first horse I have owned that comes when I call and actually stays with me after the rest of the horses come by to check for cookies.

Mom is back! 

Since it was getting chilly that night, he was going to get some loving then his blanket tossed on.  It's funny when you try to love on this guy, he likes the scritches and scratches, but will get slightly annoyed/irritated by any prolonged shows of affection.

Much better, in the cozy blanket.  

After the scritches, loving, and blanketing, I'll always toss him a couple cookies.  It's become a bit of a routine with us, particularly if I'm coming out and we're not going riding.  I know some people really are against the whole treats and cookies thing, but I love treating him when I can, particularly if it's an apple or carrots that me or the SO won't use but are still fine for the ponies to have. 

"Did I hear cookies?"
Nom nom nom nom, cookies!

Koda is very expressive when he doesn't get what he wants.  When he realizes I don't have any more cookies, he gets a bit sour and makes upset faces with ears slightly back while he tries to sniff out more cookies.  When I headed out, it was really quite adorable since he stayed at the gate and watched me drive out of the yard.  Perhaps it was because we didn't go for a ride, perhaps it's because he likes being with me and not the herd (he's still on the bottom and getting picked on), I don't know but it was very endearing.  

Where are you going, mom?

I love this boy!  

Sadly, I've been off all week again on course (work) so I won't be seeing my boy until this coming Sunday. I'm hoping that it will start warming up again so that I can start bringing Koda back into work.  He's been off for at least six weeks now, and will most likely be off until February for now, then the slow and steady work begins.  Am hoping to have us both ready for a competition in early June, but we'll see how the coming back to work goes.  


  1. Cute pics! Thanks for sharing and I hope you can see your guy again soon!