Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Years!

We left off at arriving back home.  As the holidays go, this one was fairly good with the ups and downs that comes with getting together with family that has a TON of teachers in it (every. single. one. wants to be the head of the situation... ).  It was really nice seeing everyone since it is the only time I see most of my family.  The SO flew out to see his own family on Christmas Eve while he recovered from his food poisoning (such a tough guy).  After all the family gatherings came every tack hoarder's favourite day - boxing day sales!

Koda has been in desperate need of a new cooler since the mice got to his, and since I was back home we got to the Greenhawk Warehouse store for some major shopping.  The warehouse had a great clearance section and there was a pretty good sale going on so there were plenty of purchases to be made.  We ended up taking home:

A fleece cooler:  http://greenhawk.com/wdItemDesc.asp?strilhID=Web&strmdNumber=BLC0030&stricSKU=BLC0030

A Joules rugby shirt: http://www.joules.com/Women/Polo-Shirts/Lambourne/Womens-Long-Sleeve-Polo-Shirt/Red
and (as always)
A book: http://www.amazon.ca/Training-Three-Event-James-Wofford/dp/0385425201/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1357101419&sr=1-4

The cooler is the thickest fleece I have ever felt, and talking to several of the people there (sales and customers) they all said it was a great cooler.  I got the blue striped one.  For the shirt, I am a huge Joules fan, and I live in collared shirts, be it long sleeve rugby shirts or polos.  My favourite colour is red, so this one was simply a winner (did not pay the price shown for any of these!).  As for the book, I have been looking for a copy of this for a while that wasn't too excessive and finally found one.  Winter reading - I think so.

To go back to the previous post, here are some Christmas photos of Koda enjoying his Christmas dinner

Dinner time!!!

Nom nom nom nom

Even with a tail flap covering his tail, his herdmates STILL take chunks out of it!
(Not rubs from the blanket)

Typical boys, always rough housing...

The barn


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  1. So cold. I can't imagine. :) Glad you're surviving.