Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pony Weekend and New Tack

So this weekend was an incredible weekend full of riding and trying on a new bridle and cooler!  The weather actually warmed up to -10 and higher, on Monday it actually hit +5.  I couldn't believe it, but took complete advantage of the warm weather!  Koda and I went for an evening hack on Friday evening and it felt SO great to be back in the saddle.  The BO and I actually figured it out, and we hadn't ridden since November 12th, making it almost exactly 3 months since I had ridden.  When I swung up into the saddle, it felt like coming home.  I also discovered that Koda is the type of horse I can pull out of the pasture and have a relatively nice/safe/calm hack down the point road.  Of course it doesn't hurt that the snow was up to his knees and kept him working.  It just got a bit hairy when we were heading home and I thought he was trying to run home (most likely) since he was dying to trot through and almost piaffe in place.  Once I hit the plowed area, he just walked as normal.  I realized he was trying to make it easier on himself through the big snow!  Luckily he slow trotted and we got back to the barn with big smiles all around.  Also found a 5-point antler too!  Tis the season for antler shedding.

Next day we just did a simple walk/trot ride at the arena, doing some simple lateral work (walking leg yields and shoulder in) and big circles at walk and trot.  Only rode for 30 minutes, trying to bring him back out slowly but surely.  Sunday we had set up for trail day the following Monday with the pony club.  Essentially we pulled some stuff out, set it up, and played.  It was a good time :).  After that ride I finally took some photos of Koda in his new Five Star Bridle that we won back in December and his new fleece cooler!  He did some good work for me this ride, but discovered we're very stiff to the right.  Hello serpentines and spiralling in and out.

I think Koda likes the camera...

Fancy stitch, raised, monocrown Five Star bridle
I think it will suit his colouring once he sheds out in the spring

Such a handsome man!