Friday, 1 February 2013

White Noise

January and February are historically the coldest months of the year here.  Lately it's either been so cold that your tires are rectangles and you can feel them as you drive to work after letting your car whine and warm up for 10 minutes in the driveway.  As you drive through town it is as foggy as ever because it is too cold for the moisture in the air to actually rise through the atmosphere.  In the afternoon, it's warm enough to warrant not to have your car plugged in 24/7 so you venture off for lunch.  By the end of the day, it's back to the bone chilling temperatures of -40 (don't forget to add on the wind chill) and you don't want to spend any time outside.

Right now that's what we're dealing with.  Constant temperatures of -30 to -40 below, or if it warms up to -20, snow squalls and wind that could freeze your eyelashes together.  Along with that, the truck (only real reliable transport to the barn when the roads are frozen/snow-packed) has bitten the dust.  It was having some issues, sent it in, ended up having to have the engine replaced.  Because of the age of the truck and the mileage on it, we're looking to do a trade-in and replace instead of spending the ~5k it would cost to get a new engine in it.  All in all, I'm happy January is over and that February is here.

Sorry for the gloomy post, guys.  January was not a good month, I'm just hoping February brings some better days :)  Plus the days are only getting longer and we're getting closer to spring/summer!


  1. Good news: if you eve go to hell, it will be a total picnic after NS. Yikes.

  2. lol, no kidding.
    OH! My screen name is a little deceiving, but this is Northern Alberta (used to live in Nova Scotia). If you google the town High Level, Alberta, you'll get an idea of where I'm at.