Saturday, 16 March 2013


This weekend we're back into the deep freeze of the middle of winter.  The calendar may say it's spring coming soon, but up here, we're back into the -25 and below temperatures.  I am SO glad that I tossed Koda's blanket with fleece liner on him.  This weekend everything grinds to a halt again since we're stuck with low temps, snow, and wind.

So for now it's all about reading and planning our next moves and making potential plans for the summer show season.  There are a few relatively close dressage shows to get to and a few clinics I'd like to go to as well, but I'm debating between showing or clinics.  I know I can handle the basic work for dressage and show jumping, but both of us need exposure to cross country desperately.  This year we may invest in clinics instead of showing, but I'd still like to get into at least one or two shows... just need to find the time and funds of course.

Decisions, decisions.

What do you guys think?  Show vs clinic

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  1. I always choose to clinic versus go to a show because I learn more at a clinic then at a show (like test prep versus taking a test). That being said I do love ribbons...

    Maybe you can do a combo of both, I try to do at least 1 clinic a year.