Thursday, 4 April 2013

Rough Patch

Sorry for the silence everyone!  Things up here have not been going well.

As I mentioned before, Koda has been exposed to another animal that has been confirmed infected with a very contagious disease.  We are currently under quarantine for testing to occur to ensure that he is not infected.  I'm not too too concerned, but it's not a great thing to think about.  If he does test positive, he essentially will have to be put down...

To add on top of that, my trailer is stuck inside a storage building that collapsed.  My trailer is showing some damage (there is definitely some crushing going on the roof and a hole straight through in the dressing room area).  The BO's trailer is also stuck in the building (her building) and we won't be able to get them out until the snow melts away.  Considering we just got another 10-20cm of snow, things are not looking good.  Add on top of that the trailer is only insured when it's hooked up to the truck and on the road, tightening of the purse strings will be happening.

I'm just extremely blessed that the BO wasn't inside the building when it collapsed and none of the horses were injured either.  Thank God for small blessings, and let's hope the forecast is right in that the weather is supposed to heat up again in the following week!

Sorry for the glum post, everyone.  Things are going to be in a slight limbo until we get the test results back.

In happier news, another couple along with me and the SO went to Jasper over the long weekend.  It was a great trip and am hoping to make some plans for the summer to go back and possibly do some back country camping or at least day-long hikes.  It may not happen this summer, but hopefully next year.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about all your rotten luck lately. Fingers crossed that Koda is okay.

  2. fun :-( Hope your trailer makes it out ok and Koda is better soon!

  3. Thanks guys for the well wishes. My trailer is definitely going to need a new roof, but otherwise looks structurally ok... luckily we have a really good welding shop around here that may be able to do the job.
    We get the results from the test next week. Com'on Negative!!