Sunday, 14 April 2013

Onward and Upward, plus an Anniversary!

Today was the first ride post-quarantine and it went well.  Before the whole kerfuffle, Koda had been getting to be a bit of a handful when we headed home after hacking out.  Today my plan was to go out and have an easy go of it, just walking/ambling down the road and back.  If he tried to be stupid on the way home, I would turn him around and trot out a bit, then start walking back home.

Ready to go!

We headed out and things were very good.  No jigging, no back and forth across the road, just plodded about.  I'm reading Koda better and better, really paying attention to him and his "tells".  One of his tricks is to look like he's going to sniff or lick the snow, then dart in to the centre of the road or wherever he wanted (discovered later this is one of his biggest evasions), kind of like the pony looking to "graze" then ripping the reins out and going wherever he wanted.  As we went, I really didn't want to be in his face so I focused on using my seat and legs.  As the ride went on, it seemed like today was the day for bird-watching!  I saw several different birds, a few of them new to me.  A couple neat ones were some juvenile prairie chickens playing along the ditch and a very small swallow type bird, mostly white with some black speckles along the breast and it looked like the wings and tail had been dipped in black paint.  When we turned to head home, I worked on playing with his stride length, moving into the territory of "collection" at a walk, along with some minor lateral work.

Our natural water obstacle and what's happened to the quonset...

When we got back to the farm, I decided I wanted to take the "back driveway" in.  There was a bank of snow in front of it (caused by the plow) but I though, oh Koda will just step/climb over it.  Well... the first time he did.  It was fun going along that back way, I wanted to school a bit back there.  So we went back along it to where we had come, and Koda decided he had to jump the snow bank.  Ok, not a problem, but the running afterwards was.  So we had a bit of a discussion about that.  Jumping, that's fine, but the running away afterwards was certainly not!  Once back in the yard, we schooled our natural water obstacle.  Ironically, the best footing in the yard right now is under that water, so we walked and trotted through it.  If the water is still there come Tuesday, I may toss a small jump in there to school.

When we finished, I tried to take a conformation shot... It didn't turn out very well...

Not square, but at least on flat-ish ground.

"But mom, I'm supposed to be beside you!"

So, this is kind of the best shot... 

Also, today was Koda's and mine one year anniversary of being together!  We've been through a bit, and I can't wait for this up coming year.  Every time I go and see Koda, I learn something new or notice something different about this amazing animal that I get to call my partner :)

Love you Koda!

Even covered in spring shed and muck, you are a handsome adorable pony!


  1. Congrats!! You guys have come a long ways in a year.

  2. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a great ride.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Hopefully there will be many more!

  4. Thanks everyone!
    The ride went well, we're FINALLY back to hopefully semi-regular work. We have a clinic in May and I really want us to be ready.
    May be doing a tack sale later on this month to get some funds for the trailer :)