Monday, 13 May 2013

Schooling in the yard

Last Friday we did a bit more schooling in the yard, and I managed to get the SO out there to take photos and video to help me out.  After watching the videos and seeing the pictures, I know I need to jack my stirrups up another hole when going over fences!  I did more of the same as last time, working on relaxing in the yard and focusing on work.  There is a thread on the chronicle in the eventing section that talks about working on the 20m circle.  I personally like using the circle, it's consistent and really helps a horse like Koda who doesn't have an ingrained work ethic to help focus and get down to business.  I won't sit on the circle for 40 minutes at a time, but will work for about 10 minutes each side, then do different exercises in between for fear of over working the inside hind leg.

Koda has been responding well to the circle, and the SO got some footage of us working on shortening and lengthening in trot while on the circle.  The changes aren't as dramatic/noticeable as we've had before at the indoor, but it's something (plus the video angle doesn't show the changes since I kept them in the same general spot on the circle).  Eventually got some very nice trot-halt-trot transitions.  I'm still in love with this boy's canter!

Youtube isn't linking to blogger, so here are the links to the videos:

I think I'm going to raise my stirrups one hole for my flat work, or do no-stirrup work to help my position and specifically getting my legs to relax.  May bust out some canter poles, trot poles, what have you on the longe line during the week to help save time (darn regular job...).

When we went to jumping, I popped my stirrups up a couple holes, but they do need to go further up one hole.  I felt much more secure jumping this time around and had time to relax and get into the groove.  I didn't jump much again, but was happy that Koda didn't care about the wall that was setup under the vertical, and the height was nothing.  I have a feeling height isn't going to be a problem for this boy until we get up into the 3'6" range.  He jumps fairly round and tends to keep me in a pretty good position (thanks buddy!).  As much as it kills me to say, he looks like he jumps like a hunter!  Pretty even knees, rocking-horse canter, fairly steady.  We may have to go into a couple hunter shows if we can get to some (com'on, lets get the trailer out of that quonset!!).

He got a bit squirrely when we were jumping away from the quonset towards the back field, but we got it done.  It's all about the approach...

The local pony club is putting on another Kathy Playdon clinic during the last weekend of May so we have a TON of conditioning work to do to get into half-decent shape to ride for the three days!  Need to shed both of our winter pounds, it's finally warm enough to workout outside without freezing your butt off so I'll be hitting the pavement.


  1. geez way to leave us hanging for the videos ;) Sounds like all is going well

  2. He's such a cute jumper!