Friday, 24 May 2013

Trailer Update

So here is the post showing the trailer damage since it's been taken out of the quonset!  We had to tarp it the moment it came out since it was going to pour, but you can still get the idea of what is needed to be fixed.  The main spot where fixing is needed is on the front right corner when looking at the trailer head-on. 

Front right corner of the trailer

It took the brunt of the weight of the quonset collapse, and has the most damage.  There is a large hole in the dressing room roof, along with the support bars being the most warped/bent.  I talked to the autoshop and they suspect those two bars will need to be replaced (above the divider wall).  More patches need to be done along the right part of the roof and back right corner.  
Inside damage

Back right door and corner

All the doors work just as they did before, and all lights are working.  A few lights need to be put back into place, but all in all not shabby.  The roof vents work just fine, there is a small hole in the back one that will be filled.  Just with the guys looking at it, they gave me a low quote of at least a couple thousand, so I'm assuming it will be around four or five thousand to have it completely done (always estimate more and be glad when it's less!).  They say it should be ready before the end of June so I may be able to make it to a dressage show :)

Fingers crossed!
Front damage


  1. Aye what a pain!!! I hope it goes quickly and cheaper then you expect!!

  2. Fingers crossed :)
    I'd like to trailer out to some really nice trails (actual trails through the woods with hills, not flat fields) to work on Koda's exposure. I'm hoping in a couple weeks I'll have it back!