Sunday, 8 September 2013

South Peace Clinic Day 2 - Cross Country

For cross country day, Koda had his head on straight and we were ready to go.  I always get a little nervous/anxious when we're heading out there but it always ends up being super fun!  I think the anxiety stems from me not having been exposed to it as much and riding at speed.  For this day we did a ton of different things and looked at different types of questions.  We worked on a small bank complex, did some smaller courses, and worked over the pre-training ditch.  Koda was a star and Sandra actually complimented him that he was looking at the question and still going over instead of saying 'No way!'.

We did have a bit of an issue with a log roll-top which I think was part me (it looked big!) and part Koda's confidence.  We got over it eventually, Koda popping it SO high, he did NOT want to touch it.  Throughout the clinic it felt like Koda was popping me out of the tack a bit but I didn't really think of it until I saw some pictures my friend took.  He was over-jumping almost every fence!  Knees were snapping up and he seemed to be having a good time :)

Here are some shots of the first day:

Warm-up Fence

Sandra showing proper position coming off a bank

Down we go!  Koda didn't even look at it, good boy

Mini-course down the cut line

Off we go!

Last but not least, the best shot of the clinic (not the log roll top we were having issues at, this one he just went straight over... and I mean OVER!):


We schooled a ton of the pre-entry and entry jumps along with starter, and the bank line and ditch line were both pre-training level so I think Koda and I should be able to go pre-entry to entry next year as long as we put in the time this fall and winter.  Again with this day and seeing the photos, it really does show what Koda can do so it's about time that we start working up!  One thing I found out this day - I need to jump more oxers, solid looking oxers.  I was fine with all the scary things like drop downs, water, verticals, but oxers still got me.  Clearly Koda is fine with them, so I need to get my head on straight :)


  1. power to ya, CC jumps still freak me out other than the little logs like I used to do trail riding :)

  2. The 'love' picture is AMAZING :)