Sunday, 29 September 2013

Two Weeks of Silence

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been blogging as much lately, have been giving Koda some time off and am just not having much to write about in the sense of a riding journal.  As we transition into the fall and prepare for winter, I get stuck in this weird position of wanting to ride and go out and school gymnastic lines and movements and hacking out, but there is no final goal we're working towards.  Well, there is a long term goal, but the short-term goals aren't written in stone like a competition.  It also doesn't help that our winters are extremely nasty up here so if I try to do any conditioning/fitness work on Koda, it will all go to pot.  What I'm tempted to do is work on educating both Koda and myself, working on more of the dressage than the jumping right now since it's something I can do when I'm schooling alone (no getting off and on to set jumps, etc.) and our "arena" is still draining fairly well.

As we roll into October, I know snow is on the way and winterizing the trailer is going to be a major priority (bringing in all the lotions and potions, store the show and extra tack, and figuring out what to do with the trailer to make sure it will be okay when it gets completely covered in snow).  I am praying that we don't have such a bad winter as last year, along with the rest of the drama that happened.  At least this winter I have all that I need to keep Koda cozy and comfortable through those -40 nights!

Let's hope for a short and warmer winter!

Winter Wonderland!


  1. In California we are hoping for a long wet winter (at least I am lol) Hoping your winter is short and warm.

  2. I'm still pretending winter isn't coming. The boys are only wearing sheets.

  3. I'm letting Koda grow out his winter coat right now because if he didn't get that plus the blankets, he'd be a frozen pony!