Sunday, 3 November 2013

Blog Hop: Equestrian Bucket List

While perusing my blog reading list, I saw this post by Lauren at about a new blog hop going around:  The Equestrian Bucket List

I love this idea of the Equestrian Bucket List, not only does it let you really dream of the big stuff, but it can help you look at your goals now and see if they'll get you to those big moments.  Being an independent rider with minimal access to coaches/trainers, I need to keep myself on track with realistic goals that I can accomplish by myself.  I'm a fairly goal-oriented person, so this winter during our Christmas/January deep freeze break, I want to devise a plan with all those small steps and goals so that we're raring to go for next year's season.

Without further ado, here's the list!

Dream Items:
1.  Complete a long-format/traditional three day event
2.  Be competitive at Training Level
3.  Go watch the world equestrian games (com'on 2018 being in Bromont!)
4.  Go equestrian camping in the mountains with Koda.
5.  Ride a respectable half-pass

Smaller Items:
1.  Ride a 2'9" course and be COMPETENT at it
2.  Be comfortable on Koda bareback (starting this in the indoor for cool-out time)
3.  Jump 3'
4.  Gallop across a beach.  Don't care where, just a BEACH!  Or a long stretch of sand.  Somewhere.
5.  Conquer flying changes

I know my lists aren't as big or out there, but they're my equestrians dreams (for now!).

What are yours?

Thought it was at 3'... sadly only measured at 2'10"

As I'm fairly technologically incompetent, I don't know how to but the widget (?) into my post, so to see the original, check out the following blog by Julie:


  1. Hey! Thanks for taking the time to join my blog hop.

    I'll try to help you, though I'm not that techy either, haha. If you go to the post I made starting the blog hop, the last link on the page will pop up with a bunch of gibberish. Copy the first field, go to your blog post, click HTML at the top, and paste the gobberish at the bottom of your post. Once you update your post, the widget will show up at the bottom. Then you can click "add your link" and fill out the information so that your blog shows up on the list on other people's blogs, too.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks Julie! Will see if that works for me :)