Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Quiet Moments

Since we're going through the first cold snap with some not so good footing, I'm holding off riding Koda until we get his shoes pulled by the farrier.  The BO is out this week so I'm on night watch until I'm off to Ontario (home for wedding things, family things, and the Royal!) this Friday.  I love doing night watch when it's so quiet you can hear every nightly noise.  The thud of hooves, soft wuffles of breath, munching on hay, quiet shifting of weight on the frozen ground...


After I do my checks, I'll head out into the front pasture and snag a seat on top of the round bale to enjoy the sights and sounds.  One of my favourite places to be at the farm.  It's a great spot to watch the herd and just be at the farm.

Sunset from a couple weeks ago

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