Thursday, 13 February 2014

Back from the Abyss!

I have been a bad, neglectful blogger!  Sorry for falling off the face of the earth, all is well here, have just had not much to blog about when it comes to Koda or equestrian pursuits as other things have been happening up here.  The Fiance and I just got back from a mini vacation and things are starting to settle down a bit more, so there will definitely more blogging to come.  Between the past blog and this one, I've finally broken the ice and got back in the saddle in 2014.


Hello handsome

Koda is not impressed with your selfie skills

Since it's still all ice and snow up here, Koda and I just played around a bit in the plowed and unplowed part of the yard, doing lateral work and making our way through the deep snow.  It was great getting back up in the irons and I'm happy we can still just go out and do these small things this early in the season.

Fingers crossed for the weather to keep warming up!

As I'm sure none of you know, I am a HARD CORE fan of the Olympics.  Yes, I know they have all of their issues, corruption, etc., but that still doesn't tarnish what these athletes are doing.  The drive, passion, and absolute determination these athletes show is inspiring and I can't wait for the weather to clear up to really get into schooling and training.  In the mean time, it's all about getting myself physically ready (darn winter flub...).  Hello cardio and core, how I need to do more of you.

Anyways, that's really all we have here for now, looks like this long weekend is going to be a super warm one, so I'll be spending more time out in the saddle. Stay tuned!

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