Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Barn

While doing these picture posts, I've realized that the layout of the barn may seem a bit... wonky.  So, to help visualize the layout of the barn, I put my computer paint skills to the test to create a semi-decent layout so that you guys will have an idea of how the barn is really set.

For some idea of comparison, here are some photos to give you an idea of what is shown in the layout:

Facing north, back field with a bit of the corral visible

Facing west in the main yard, my trailer spot is beside
the green shed with the open door, quonset is to
your back in this photo

Facing north, main yard again where you can see the
shop and my old truck

It's not a really big area, but it suits us just fine for what we really need, at least for when the weather and footing are ok.  We finally had our first ride yesterday for 2014, and I'm hoping to get in 1-2 rides a week at the farm for January, then come February the trailer is going to get dug out to haul to the arena for more intensive schooling.  After our quick ride, I popped in to visit with the BO and heard that there may be a weekly cattle thing going on at the arena, so we may jump into just to get us out plus dropping us in different situations.  Also, our local PC has more riders in levels where they're having to learn to ride some cross country, so we may get to make some semi-permanent jumps along the trails by the arena!  Nothing big (2' tops), but creating an actual course would be EXTREMELY exciting!  Since none of the other instructors have done any cross country, if this course comes to light, I'll be the main contact for design of the course!!

Possibilities abound this year, but it's still early to say anything is certain.  Even though it's still early, I'm cautiously optimistic :)

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