Friday, 3 October 2014

Playing on the Farm (Media Dump!)

As the frost, ice, and snow is slowly creeping in (we've already had snow one day!), every day of sunshine is being taken advantage of!  After a ride this week, JJ (the only mare in the herd) was taken out to get her hooves done, along with Cain and Duster.  Whenever JJ leaves the herd, the boys get riled up!  It's really fun to watch their dramatic herd dynamics.  Mic and Dandy were running about while I cooled Koda out.  Once I tossed him out with them, he wasn't really feeling the drama... but he wasn't given a choice.

Mic decided he must get in on the act, and then the running began!  

Mic and Dandy
Such a graceful creature... 
Fall colours
Watch out for flying gloves ;)

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