Sunday, 22 January 2012

Let the games begin: Trailer shopping

Now that we have the truck, I've been combing online advertisements for used two-horse trailers.  Of course, with this purchase going on, I'm trying to find that balance between what I want, what I can pay for, and what is safe to use with Celtic.  Since Celt is fairly tall, and is going to grow even further, I'm looking for a warmblood-sized trailer, at least 7' ceiling.  For now, width isn't that big of an issue since she'll be the only one I'm hauling for the time being, plus I'd like to get a slant load anyways (which of course means scarcer and more expensive).  Would prefer a tack compartment/dressing room, but not a necessity. 

So, here's the criteria:
- Big enough for Celtic (7' tall)
- Slant load
- Two horse
- Tack storage area

Doesn't seem like that big of a list, does it?  Of course, I want something that is road worthy, not too much rust, etc.  The issue for me up here is that most trailers in my price range are straight loads, with a ceiling of 6'6" and are in pretty rough shape.  Now when I started this hunt, I found a trailer that was near to perfect!  Slant load, newer model, in my price range, dressing room, etc.  Of course, finding this made me think "hmm, some things are too good to be true...".  I contacted the seller, and things just seemed... fishy.  After a few questions and independent research, I discovered it was a scam.  The exact same add was found for every major city in Canada.  I reported the ad to the website hosting it, and left it at that. 

Today I'm going to check out a trailer that is just down the street.  It is EXACTLY what I want, but the seller is asking a price that is MUCH too high.  We shall see...

Keep busy and warm through these winter days!  Will hopefully have an update (with photos) come tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Fun times! Good luck finding something. I shop for trailer prospects (ha!) all the time, but I've never actually had the budget to get one.