Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Magic Moments

Just to get it out there for those who are curious:  Yes, I bought a trailer, yes it is awesome, and yes I will have photos once I'm out there when it's not dark out!  It is a two horse slant load with dressing room.  Looks like a stock trailer from the outside, is all horse trailer on the inside. 

Now back to our scheduled programming. 

On our first solo trip to the arena, I had the good fortune of being able to ride by myself.  Usually when I'm at the arena I'm riding with another friend (since I had to bum a ride off of them) or was evaluating Celtic to see if we clicked well or not.  Well tonight was something completely different and I am glad I decided to not ride.  With Dillon (May 2000-October 2011) I would loose lunge him.  It was a great way to see his movement, look for any stutter steps, stiffness, plus it was a LOT of fun.  To be able to communicate with this animal even when not touching it, it has the choice to ignore you completely, but chooses to listen and come into a relationship with you, it is... well, super cool. 

Celt isn't in any type of shape, so it was really just a chance to see if she knows how to loose lunge, how she'd react, and how she really moves.  I noticed that she still doesn't have "waaaaaaalk oooon" instilled in her, but overall her voice/body commands are fairly good!  She has some pretty significant stiffness in her right hip/stifle, but nothing that some massage and msg won't cure. 

Now onto the very super awesome cool moment.  After lunging her for about 15-20 minutes, I asked her to halt, and to come forward. She took a couple steps, then stopped, waiting.  So I went up to her (walking in slow arcs) and the moment I got to her, she dropped her head and followed like it was nothing.  Not a word was said, no click, no kiss, nothing.  That feeling when your horse follows you willingly through choice, no ropes, no words... it's pretty awesome.  I know to some it may seem small or simple, but for this horse and this horsewoman, it's special.

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