Saturday, 11 February 2012

Relax! Don't Do it...

Relaxation and balance, that is our main goal right now.  Had a great ride with Celt today, started off without our usual "trottrottrottrotIwanttotrottrottrottrot" but a nice forward walk with head close to horizontal with the withers.  While warming up I kept her on a loose/loopy rein.  Once we started into doing some circles, the contact was taken up an inch or so at a time (however far spaced the braiding is on my reins).  That seemed to work fairly well, there was barely any head-tossing tonight!  One minor victory!  We did some circles and lateral work then went into some walk trot transitions focusing on using the body instead of hand to achieve the transition.  Our transitions were a lot smoother and more precise, rather than the usual abrupt stop or insistant tug on the reins until finally succombing to walk that has been our way of going as of late. 

After some trot work, we did a small gymnastic, similar to last time - three trot poles, 9 feet to cross rail, canter stride to small vertical.  This would be her first time over a vertical!  We had a fairly flimsy pole up as the vertical, and along with a crappy ride to it, she said "no thanks!".  Changed the pole, had a more assertive ride, and over the went!  Went through it a couple times, then called it a night after she actually STRETCHED DOWN for a couple strides!  We must be doing something right to get that change, progress, no matter how small, is progress.  Ending on a happy relaxed note is, for me, the goal for every ride.  For this ride?  Goal accomplished!

Right at the end of the video, you can see her curling but after the video cut off she stretched out 

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