Monday, 20 February 2012

Time to just let go and have some F-U-N!

I can't seem to get video from the clinic uploaded, but I do have some from today!

After our clinic work, I decided that Celt and I were due for another over fences school.  We did our usual gymnastic but instead of having a vertical as the last jump, built it up to an oxer.  Before we got to our jumping, we did some transitions along a 20 m circle like we did in the clinic, and things were going ok.  We had some nice transitions and work, and some not so nice work.  SO came with us and said that she is getting there, but is still very inconsistent, but we're working on it. 

Going through our exercise, I decided to add a small twist for while we were building it up and asking for a halt after the gymnastic.  The first few halts were a bit ugly, but she settled down and got down to going through the gymnastic using our brains instead of going "Jumps?!?!  WHOOPEE!!!!!". 

Nice and calm through the first build

Again, nice and easy does it!

After this run through we set up the oxer, and she went over it like a ROCKSTAR!  She always tends to be a touch lazy with one toe or another, but no touches over the oxer, she just flew!  We got our halt, then I stepped off, so happy with her. 

Approaching the first jump


                                                                       One down...

Locked onto the oxer...

No run-outs with me, mom!

Feels like flying!

For the rest of the week, it will be flat work.  We did get a set of vienna reins, so may try those out tomorrow night, it'll be an interesting experience to see how she handles it. 

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