Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Time to go see...

...the DENTIST!!! 

 Took some time off work today to take Celtic to go see the dentist.  Because of some issues, and hints that she's given, plus feeling her ridges myself, it was about time!  Took her up to the vet clinic that has a dentist as well (surprisingly for up here) about an hour away to meet the 'local' vet.  It's a fairly grass-roots clinic, but still with great service and knowledge.  Dr. B did the float outside (it was actually very nice, +1 celsius!) where I got to assist!  I've never seen a horse sedated in front of me, and I was surprised at how quickly it affected her.  She had the shot, and within 10 seconds she was dopey. 

You never really know how heavy your horse's head is until you hold it up yourself.  Now to just have her relax this much while under saddle... I digress.  Dr. B did his exam, didn't find any callouses or ulcers (yay!) but there was more sharp edges/ridging on her right side (as suspected).  Dr. B was very informative, inviting me to feel the teeth before and after the filing, showing me the type of file he uses (looks like an extremely large oral-b electronic toothbrush), and answering any question that came to mind. 

I'm extremely pleased to have this type of vet clinic just up the road from us.  Since I'm new to the area, Dr. B went over all the different types of things that are more common here than back home, along with vaccines, ticks (ewww...), feed supplement, etc.  It was kind of handy that this past Sunday Celtic was dewormed.  While on the trailer, she defecated and when I was unhooking her I noticed a worm in her fecal matter!  It wasn't a usual worm, so after the float I asked Dr. B if he would mind taking a look.  He identified it for me as a bot-fly larvae.  Lucky Celtic, she's going to be dewormed in another three weeks. 

All in all, today was a pretty great day.  Got to spend time with my girl, meet the local vet, and learned a ton.  Plus seeing the northern lights wasn't a bad touch either :)

Random picture of Celtic cuteness.  She is doing her 'impatient' paw

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