Monday, 26 March 2012

Here we go! Horse shopping part 1: The Prep

Sorry for my absence, I've been off on course for a few weeks, and busy with home things as well.  I've been looking into buying a new horse, but of course trying to find the 'perfect' horse that suits my needs yet fits in the budget is comparable to the search for the holy grail!

I've broken down my process into a few steps:

1) The Prep
2) The Search
3) The Reaping
4) The Test Ride

Because of where I live, it's extremely difficult to go and try horses, so they must pass these steps before I can actually go out and try them.  This post is all about the prep!

The Prep:

What I did this time around was go create a list of words that would describe EXACTLY what I was looking for, no matter how strange, specific, or out there.  During this phase I really needed to be honest with myself as to what I want and what I can handle myself since up here it is very difficult to get instruction in english riding, let alone specific to eventing.  Once the list was made, the words were set into priorities from Needs, Wants, and Would Likes. 

Then the fun began with search...

Stay tuned!


  1. I object. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE LIST!!! ;-)

    Good luck on your hunt. I'm lucky that my guy just fell into my lap.

  2. lol, here's the list:

    Solid W-T-C
    Nice gaits
    Taller than 15hh
    In my budget

    Started over fences
    Quarter Horse or TB cross

    Would Like
    Eventing experience
    Self-loader in the trailer
    Doesn't get dirty
    Bridles itself..
    Has wings...
    Name: Bucephalus

    Oh, and catches me if I lose my balance on the ground or in the saddle ;)