Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Selling and Searching

Things are going alright now after the decision to sell Celtic.  I haven't done much to advertise her yet as one of the girls I work with may be interested in her.  She's ridden arabians and arabian crosses before, plus enjoys a bit of speed and spunk.  She's mainly a recreational rider who may run the barrels or poles a time or two at our local rodeo during the summer.  I think this match may work since she doesn't do much with contact or fuss over how her horse carries the bit, etc. which is where Celtic and I get into most of our battles.  She likes doing obstacles and hacking out, which is the exact same as Celtic.  They're planning on coming to try her on Sunday, so fingers crossed!  They are a good family, and if they have any questions, I see her every day at work :)

I'm excited about the possibility of something new, but really, who isn't?!  Luckily, this time around I have some equestrian friends in the area who are completely willing to come out with me to see possible ponies and to rip the rose-tinted glasses off if need be :)
There's also the chance of my very closest friend to fly up for a bit and come with!  This is just so exciting in and of itself because I haven't physically SEEN her since August.  Living provinces apart and lack of extra funds puts a kink in travelling, but she may be able to swing it come around easter time.  For her to be around while horse shopping?  BONUS!!!

Now, with the actual search, I'm looking at one horse in particular that I had passed on back in November.  I know EXACTLY why I passed on him, but in retrospect with what happened with Celtic, he wasn't a bad choice since he had some things that I could handle training (essentially just needed some sacking-out on the ground), unlike Celtic's issues.  I am going to go out and try him again, and since he's at a sport horse breeding farm, I'll likely try a few of his half-brothers.  I'm really trying to stay away from mares, but with my price range it seems that all that is for sale that fit into what I want are mares!

If anyone knows of a nice gelding for sale that can go up to Training level in western Canada, give me a shout :)

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  1. Hopefully you find a perfect horse sooner rather than later- horse shopping is fun short term but it gets pretty brutal when you pre purchase a few and it doesn't work out. I finally ended my search last month so I know your pain. (friends to take off the rose tinted glasses are always helpful) Good luck! :)