Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn Photos

As it gets colder here, we have been blessed with an actual fall season this year!  Last year we had perhaps a few days, and then the snow came so I'm so happy that we've been getting this type of weather.  Autumn is my favourite season, still warm (-ish!) with no flies and no snow.  Up here we do have to worry about hunters (geese, deer, moose, etc.) and with the harvest going on the roads are fairly busy but otherwise it's a great season.  I love the colours and the SMELLS of autumn!  Now I don't mean the artificial ones like cinnamon or pumpkin spice although those are rather wonderful, but the actual smells of nature while it's getting ready for the long sleep that is winter.

The colours of autumn and the fact that the horses are getting to be a bit more fluffy (not excluding their owners... ahem) always makes me happy.  Seeing Koda wanderign about in his field with the autumn colours behind him with his dark winter coat coming in is one of the best sights in the world.  I was lucky tonight that the fiance agreed to come out and take photos of us and take advantage of the beautiful colours and light.  Sadly the days are getting shorter and shorter so we had to take advantage of the time we have!

Anyways, without further ado, here are some of the best (and worst...):

Getting ready to head out, such a high-strung arabian...
Take a look at the trailer, it looks almost brand new!  

Down the road we go (my favourite photo)

After hacking down the road and getting some photos while taking advantage of the light, I went back to the yard to do a bit of schooling to make sure both Koda and I still know our stuff even though both of us are woefully out of shape.  I didn't know that the fiance wasn't coming back with me to the yard.  He decided to go off for an adventure in one of the adjoining fields...

to watch the migrating ducks.

and I mean a lot of ducks


I really like this photo even though it's blurry

Once I realized he hadn't came back, I of course start running through all the awful scenarios that could had happened to him.  It's harvest season so the road is fairly busy with smaller vehicles and bigger trucks...  After calling out for him several times, I ventured back out to find my missing fiance, praying he wasn't hurt somewhere.  

Photo op!

Love this pony