Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Day Late...

... but I got the ride I wanted!  Went out yesterday and had a great ride with the BO with her gelding Mik.  We did some nice long trots and one lovely canter through a summer fallow field (beautiful footing) that was absolutely fantastic.  I still can't believe we have no snow and the ground isn't frozen solid yet!

It was kind of interesting watching Koda with Mik.  At the beginning, he would try to nip at him, but I put a stop to that (the turkey) so Koda settled down nicely and kept his head.  Throughout the ride Koda seemed to relax more and more into the ride which was nice to have happen.  I think what happens is he just gets so worked up when Cain or Dandy are out.  Of course the two (Mik and Koda) got a bit competitive when we were cantering through the field, but nothing crazy and easy to bring back.  Mik was getting a bit more worked up every time we would do anything faster than a walk.  Poor guy was lathered by the time we got back to the yard!  It looked like every time the BO touched the reins to slow down his MASSIVE walk so that Koda and I could catch up, Mik's head would pop up and he would resist and fight.

As we cooled out back at the yard, I noticed that even though the sun was setting, I could still easily see clearly across the yard to the collapsed quonset because of the fixed yard lights, which means no matter the time, I should be able to school in the yard until the snow comes!  The footing isn't the best in some places, but right in front of the quonset and right by the trailer are perfect spots to school.  Both areas are large enough to accomodate a 20-30m circle so dressage time here we come :)

While we made our way back to the yard, the BO and I got to talk about, what else, our horses and what we're looking to do in the winter/next year.  As the talk progressed I was happy to hear that she has the same view as me that we can ask our horses (specifically in this instance Mik for her, Koda for me) to do a lot more than what we usually do.  I know Koda has a LOT more to give, but I need to ask for it or else I'll never see it.  It's that demand of proper riding and demand for more from yourself as a rider and asking your horse to give you more at the same time that both of us want to strive for.  As the saying goes, check yourself before you blame the horse for a mistake.

In other news, I am not a big fan of Hallowe'en (something about having to dress up and everything is scary, like it's out to get you or something), so I am going to be a bad partner and leave The Fiance to handle the kids as they come by tomorrow night while I sneak off for another sunset ride.

Love this shot, absolutely lovely
Please note: new bridle!  Doesn't it suit him?


  1. I think I'd choose a sunset ride over Halloween this year too!

  2. We're blessed to have some of the most gorgeous sunsets up here, and there're so consistent! Almost every night you'll get to see a spectacular show :)