Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Product Review - Bucas Smartex Blanket

Now I know I have never done a product review before, but with the cold weather just around the corner (had to scrape my car off this morning!), I figured I would let you guys know about the blankets I use for our severely cold winters.  Please keep in mind, I live in an area where getting -40 degree nights and -20 to -30 temperatures for weeks on end during the winter isn't heard of so for those in a warmer climate, this may not work for you (lucky ducks).

When I first moved up here, I knew I needed to get some major winter blankets for my horse.  After some research (thanks COTH forums!) I decided on getting a Bucas Smartex.  I loved that this blanket is rated for a wide range of temperatures so that I wouldn't have to be too worried about my horse over-heating during the day or freezing at night.  The way they do this is the liner is actually a built in fleece cooler that will wick away any sweat created by overheating or if I put him back out and he's not completely dry.

I've had this blanket for two winters and it has held up extremely well.  Koda has some very destructive herdmates (looking at you Cain) who love to bite and rip and tear anything that they can sink their teeth into.  I'm SO happy to see that this blanket is well constructed on the inside and out.  Last winter Koda had lost a lot of hair from his dock because his herdmates were grabbing and yanking on that tail flap.  He lost his tail hairs, but the blanket is still intact and looking good!

Nice and snug in his rug

The thing I found really cool about this blanket is the front closure.  For those of you with horses who think they're Houdini, if you have the leg and belly straps adjusted correctly, I would be surprised if they could get out of this one!  The front closure is velcro, quick clip system (it's almost like a latch system), then some more double sided velcro to cover the first bit of velcro and the metal clip.  It creates a really nice clean look for the front and guarantees that the flap won't fold over and expose your horse's chest.

I'm so glad that I got my hands on this blanket (when it was on sale too, woot!).  This winter I'm keeping my eye out for the matching hood since I'm going to be doing a bib clip on Koda (fingers crossed nothing ELSE happens to the trailer...)

*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, just wanted to let people know about what type of blankets I use and like

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