Sunday, 8 December 2013

5 Day Challenge - Day 4

16.  One thing you'd like to change about your horse

The idea that he must see and have an opinion no EVERYTHING.  From tying to the trailer (hello Black Stallion) to the flags on jumps, Koda has an opinion on everything.  Perhaps not change that completely, but make them a bit less colourful or strong.  We are working on this right now, more exposure so that Koda can learn that he doesn't need to have an opinion/reaction about any situation or obstacle he's presented with.  Or perhaps, it's more like changing his opinion from OMG to Ok, whatever.

17.  Your horse's future

I'm hoping to start consistently eventing with Koda, but from where we are it is a bit difficult. This year I have a few dressage shows on the list, plus a derby and a couple horse trials (as long as money and time allows).  Long term goals?  Keep eventing as long as he is game to play, perhaps going up to PT/T and would love to complete the BN/N long format at Rebecca Farms.

More of this!

18.  Your worst show ever

Easy, Mind's Eye Ranch Horse Trials... that was not a good weekend.
At least the dressage was ok... 
in jumper length stirrups... with no hair net..

19.  Favourite horse show venue

In Nova Scotia it was the Central Nova Horse & Pony show grounds in Truro.  Absolutely loved that place!  It's not top of the line, but it had really nice rings, great footing for cross country on TERRAIN that had all the courses twisting through the woods.  Absolutely fantastic!  The barns and human comforts weren't the best, but ah well!  Bonus - it was only 90 minutes down the road.

Dillon and I at our first hunter show at CNHP

In Alberta, I've only been to a few places, but so far I am loving Evergreen Park.  Tons of different cross country questions, a track, but only two rings (strange, but ah well).  Footing can be a bit of an issues depending on weather, but all in all pretty good.  Human comforts are good, electrical hookups with showers, restaurant on site at the grandstand.  Horse comforts, there are tons of pens for turnout if wanted, places to graze your horse, and comfortable shedrows.  

Grazing and cooling the legs at the same time.

20.  Your show day routine

For our shows, it depends.  Usually it's a weekend long deal, and I'll drive down the day before to get settled.  First day of the show, wake up early, feed, do my human routine, check over my tack, do any extra cleaning that's needed, depending on my ride times, I'll take Koda for a walk and graze, let him take a look at any distractions around the show rings (food trucks, announcer booths, the crowd/grandstand, etc.) then put him away.  Will usually catch my friends' rides since they are always before mine, give help where needed, then head back and start my tack cleaning and checks.  While I clean my tack, I'll go over everything I need for that day including before and after my rides.  I keep all of my stuff in my trailer and move stuff between the trailer and the stall with handy tote bags.

I'm AWFUL for keeping myself hydrated or full of food during a show day, but have found a good schedule that works for me, along with the right treats.    It's all about vector bars (chocolate), mandarin orange slice cups, cheese sticks, and fruit, mainly apples and bananas.  For drink, I'll keep gatorade and water with different flavours of Mio on hand (lemonade is a must!).  After the day, Koda will get walked or turned out a bit to keep him moving and wrapped with poultice for overnight.  There's always an evening walk with everyone to chill out and give the horses a chance to stretch their legs before being bedded down for the night.

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  1. I like your food ideas for show days, all food that's easy to snack on. And beautiful shots :)