Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Wish List

'Tis the season for gift giving and making that (very late) wish list!

While most people giving me gifts will usually ask what I'm looking for or wishing for, I'll rarely ask for equestrian stuff unless I can give them specific instructions on what I would like.  I'm very nitpicky about my tack and equipment, so I am the perfect person to give a giftcard to!

This year, I really don't have any real wants or needs when it comes to tack or equipment since I have everything I want!  Some nice riding shirts/polos would be nice, or t-shirts with an equine theme would be great, but otherwise I'm happy with what I have.  Some of the things I'm keeping my eye out for are the following though:

1.  Back On Track back warmer

Com'on Boxing Day Sales!

2.  Hunter Green all-purpose full pad, bonus points for yellow cord/trim

Brand doesn't matter, but needs to fit my 18" saddle

3.  Half-pad with shims (specifically back risers)

Doesn't have to be sheepskin!

4.  Joules polo, preferably hunter green with a nice contrasting trim

Love the style of these shirts

5.  A set of no-pin jump cups

(no photo available... yet)

These things would be nice to have, but aren't a make or break item, so I'm happy to keep trucking along as I have been, although those jump cups would be nice...  Just need to find someone who knows how to weld.


  1. Great list! I told my family pretty much everything horsey this year.

  2. You should check out the US Polo Assoc Polos, similar style to joules, a heck of a lot cheaper. I own both Joules/USPA shirts and Joules is great in I think the construction is a lot sturdier but I'd hope so with how much they cost.

  3. What a great list! Back on track make very awesome gear! I use the back brace and love it!