Thursday, 12 December 2013

5 Day Challenge - Day 5!

The last day!!!

21.  Favourite class to watch

I love watching almost any class.  If it's something I don't know much about, it's something I can learn about, look at how the class is placed and why, practise spotting confirmation shortfalls or good points, difference between the horses for different classes, etc.  My absolute favourite classes to watch are big jumper classes (Spruce Meadows) or cross country at any level/event.  As odd as it is, I like either sitting with knowledgeable friends/acquaintances who will give a running commentary or sitting at home listening to commentary.  Of course, it always depends on who's talking, but they usually will pull my attention to things my wide-eyed view would miss.

22.  What's in your cooler at horse shows?

 - Gatorade
 - Vector Bars (chocolate)
 - Cheese string/wax sealed cheese (babybel)
 - Bottled water (with mio)
 - Mandarin orange slice cups
 - Gel ice packs

23.  One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change?

The cost!  Although right now, it's more the distance I have to travel to get to them...

24.  Your ringside crew

Depending on when I'm showing, it's The Fiance (if he can make it), and two eventing friends of mine JS and JN.  I met them when I first started eventing in Alberta and have become my go-to's for any questions with eventing, news of equestrian events in Alberta, and are all in all incredibly wonderful people.  Free with their time, expertise, and extremely willing to help someone.  Showing wouldn't be half as fun without these two :)
Take a hop on over to JS's blog -

Photo taken by JS, JN jumping and myself watching

25.  Best prizes

I'll admit it, I'm a ribbon lover.  I'm not that big for prizes unless I can actually use them, like a pad or bridle bag or something.  I would love to get a cooler or saddle pad, but I'll always be glad to finish with a number and not a letter!


  1. Mm, love manadarin orange slices!

  2. They are extremely tasty and easy to scarf down on show day!

  3. I wish I had closer shows to attend too!