Monday, 19 May 2014


While cooling out after a dressage school at the arena with a couple friends, we discovered a new trail that has a lot of possibility!  It's essentially a trail around the outskirts of a hayfield, but with EXCELLENT footing through one section, perfect for canter/speed work.  It's also set along the back part of the trail, so not near any type of magnet to draw Koda's attention.  We've hacked out alone along the warm-up/walking trail and Koda was a perfect gentleman.  Future plans are going to include fitness work along this new track!

There are more trails through the woods, but this shows the top trail

In other news, I've found a hunter/jumper clinic and show happening in Grande Prairie two weeks after the dressage show I plan to attend.  Now, money is ALWAYS a priority here, so I am now deciding which one I'd like to go to, which would be of the biggest benefit.  I'm leaning towards the clinic and show, plus it's at a facility that I know and love (Evergreen Park).  It may also end up being cheaper too, but need a bit more information from the organizers.

Oh the possibilities :)

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