Saturday, 3 May 2014


A while back, I was reading a post Andrea from over at The Reeling ( made about her little mare Imogen.  She was looking into the colouring of her mare as she was a bay with some interesting characteristics.  She had white hair roaning throughout her coat, but wasn't a true roan.  There was also some white tail and mane hairs (skunk or coon tail).  After she did some research, she discovered that her little mare was a rabicano bay!

After reading that post, I wondered whether Koda may be a rabicano as he has the same type of roaning over his body (more so around the flank and lower barrel).  He doesn't have too much white on his tail, and even less throughout his mane so may not be a true rabicano bay.

Roaning along the flank

Minor to no white (most likely be more if his herdmates
hadn't pulled his tail for him over the winter...)

No white in this forelock!
It's kind of funny, since when I first bought Koda I SWORE he was a true brown.  His winter coat was extremely dark with brown along his flank and had brown accents on his face.  Lo and behold, he shed out and became this gorgeous bay instead of the expected brown.

April 2012

July 2012
After shedding out in 2012, he has never been as dark as he was then.  I did a quick post on the chronicle of the horse under the breeder forum to see if anyone could figure anything about his bloodlines.  Looks like his breeding is mainly colour based (black... of course, everyone wants the black arabian), and his sire is known as a jack of all trades.  If you want to see what some helpful COTHers dug up, here's the old thread:!

In other news, I'm 95% sure I've nailed down our summer competition schedule while keeping the budget in mind, and we're already working towards our first outing - our first dressage show!  Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Color genetics are amazing and such a rabbit hole to go down!

  2. Oh my goodness yes! I did some research, and after looking at other foals from Koda's sire, it looks like he does throw the rabicano gene of some variety since a fair number of them have skunk tails.