Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Trotting in circles...

This is just going to be a media dump of our latest schooling ride over the weekend.  Koda and I have been getting some very nice break throughs with him really starting to use himself properly and me riding him well!  We're listening to each other (FINALLY) and aren't bickering - win!

Was riding with a couple friends while they worked out their barrel horses.  It was cool watching them work theirs while I did my own, those horses are QUICK off their feet!

Our canter work still needs some help since it feels like he's pulling himself around with his shoulders instead of sitting down on his hind end, but it will come.  The ride after this one, we had a GREAT break through when he offered me an actual lengthening instead of just popping his head up, hollowing his back, and moving his legs faster.  


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