Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A break from the sandbox

We're back!
Koda and I took a nice break from our usual schooling and exercises to go for a long hack with the BO and her brother who is up to visit.  We went for a long hack down the field road towards the river point then went for a bit of exploration of a few older trails.  Koda was a rock star, wasn't being overbearing or a nut case, small win!
Rocking the split mane

Discovering new trails
While we were hacking through the grown over trails, I let Koda grab a few mouthfuls of grass... not the best idea since after that he was ALL about the sweet sweet green... damn that evil temptress!  Although it was a great help on getting over this insane trail obstacle of tarps and garbage bags stacked alone the start of the trail.  All the horses just tramped right through with no hesitations.
Major trail obstacle - tarps and garbage bags in lumps!
Koda went over, like a boss

"I'm the boss"

On the way home the sunset was absolutely gorgeous!  The FiancĂ© had taken a clinic in photography and is now all about taking photos.  Gave him a shout and we met at the Peace River bridge to take some photos of this gorgeous place we live in.  Even though it's full of mosquitoes and is a snow covered land for 6 to 7 months of the time, but when it's not covered, it sure is beautiful.  
Night time photoshoot with the Fiancé

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